Strategic Communication Plans

We are trying to get a good and effectively communicating clearly outlining the communication functions behind advertising, promotions and public relations allows businesses to be proactive rather than reactive against competition and changing business environments.
We are also helps companies manage campaign costs and stay within their marketing budget. implement professionals work which can assess good communication channels worked and which should be revised or eliminated from the strategic planning process

  • Brand development
  • Media relation
  • Sales promotion
  • Sponsorship and Exhibition

Design and visualization

With the beauty and creativity of our style as well as technology support, we strive to create what is desired by our client.

creating a different feel but still highlighting the integrity and professionalism of the work

  • 3D modeling
  • Computer graphic
  • Video profile / teaser
  • Company Identity

Marketing and Promotion Tools

Determine what motivates our clients. Being a consultant what clients needed and want.

creating a form and concept that makes the company has a its own distinctive include advertising, in-store promotions and other methods that attract for retain customers.

  • Branding
  • Merchandise
  • Printing

Media Services

creating container to a company to be closer to customers and employees, by creating internal magazine that can describe the situation of the company and how the company can exist in the hearts of customers and in its company itself.

  • 3D modeling
  • Computer graphic
  • Video profile / teaser
  • Company Identity

Event Organizer

With a unique style, dynamic and creative, we are always creating work and events into the needs and objectives of clients

Supported by technology and good design in order to achieve what is designated and intended by the client

  • Event management
  • Create Event
  • Booth construction
  • Production